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Crucial C300 355MBps SSD Drives Now Shipping [Storage]

March 7 2010 Categorized Under: Laptops, Storage Tags; , , , , one Commented

Here’s one for the professionals out there who need extremely high speed storage. Crucial has started shipping its C300 SSD’s. These are 2.5″ SSD’s and hence meant for those who want to swap out HDD’s from their laptops and put in fast SSD’s instead. These C300 drives have a read speed of up to 355MBps and they come it sizes of 128GB and 256GB.

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Cheap, $80 SSD For Your Netbook From Kingston

January 13 2010 Categorized Under: netbooks, Peripherals Tags; , , , , one Commented

That’s right folks, the memory makers with a creepy head in their logo — Kingston — have a new SSD in their SSDNow V+ line that is going for as little as $80. Since when did SSDs become so cheap you ask? I mean, Google hasn’t even released the Chrome OS yet (it is supposed to help bring the prices down). Well, SSDs are still not cheap, you are just getting a small capacity, cheapo SSD that is much speedier that an HDD but not as fast as the higher-end stuff. So how small is the capacity?

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Speed Up Your Netbook With A 128GB SSD From Toshiba

January 12 2010 Categorized Under: Peripherals, Storage Tags; , , , , 4 Commented

Toshiba has bumped up its SSD offerings that are based on the NAND chip based. They now have 128GB Solid State Drives that come in mSATA and half-slim formats. The standard versions have sequential write speeds of up to 70MBps and sequential read speeds of up to 180MBps. These new SSD modules are 1/8 as heavy and take up 1/7 the space of a standard 2.5″ SSD. These SSDs might be expensive but they will come in real handy for newer, smaller portable computing devices that need high performance and a small footprint. These modules belong to the standard line called ‘SG’ series SSDs. Toshiba will also launch ‘HG’ Series SSDs.

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The Future With Chrome OS

November 21 2009 Categorized Under: netbooks, Peripherals Tags; , , , one Commented

If there is one thing that Google is showing propensity for, it is attempting to redefine technology as we know it. With the release of the Chrome OS (developer binaries), they have at least shown that they have the vision to change the way we look at something so very basic and core as the operating system that runs on our computers.

With Chrome OS, they are attempting to create a sea change in the way we interact with our portable computers. Starting with the netbooks, they are aiming at making the world work solely via the Internet. That means cloud computing – something that Google is getting increasingly good at.

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New Notebooks From HP, Asus, Fujitsu, Toshiba And More Adamo Pics

October 13 2009 Categorized Under: Laptops Tags; , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2 Commented

no not those kind of notebooks [credit: Dvortygirl from flickr via CC, click for source]

Looks like I should start a weekly laptop round up as well. But then again, ‘tis the season to be merry fast about bringing out your products before the shopping fever hits. And the flavor of the year this time is of course budget products. Thankfully that is not true for the entire world. In fact, the east doing pretty well for itself, as is evident from all the products coming out of there. Get to the other side for the beastly new Toshiba Qosmio G60, a $400 notebook (NOT netbook) from Compaq and more.

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Intel’s Been Busy, Very

September 24 2009 Categorized Under: Entertainment, Laptops, Peripherals Tags; , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 4 Commented


Intel has been announcing new things all this week. They have been so very hyper (thanks to the Intel Developer Forum or IDF) that it looks like they might actually be threatened by ARM’s declaration to compete directly with Intel’s main market. With everyone looking to get a piece of the netbook pie and device manufacturers stepping up the pace, Intel seems to be speeding things up as well. Get to the other side for Intel’s new computer cable standard, new developer program, new processors, new OS (yes, event that) and new version of the Linux-based OS Moblin. Yes, Intel wants to be its own industry.

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July 20 2009 Categorized Under: Laptops Tags; , , , , , , , No Commented

toshiba r600

Toshiba, one of the leading giants in the electronic market has unveiled its new charismatic laptop named Toshiba R600, recently. Toshiba has its trademark character of producing products only at a prescribed time interval but the time spent in between is spent on research and development of a new innovative idea which comes in the form of a new product. This is the only reason for Toshiba to be a standout in the market. Toshiba R600 is regarded as the best in the ultra portable club beating all its competitors by a fair margin.

Now let us have a deeper look about its features,

Physical design:

Regarding the physical design of the Toshiba R600 you will notice that it has a frame similar to that of a Toshiba R500. It is regarded as the best ultra portable because of the lightness it offers you whenever you lift it, similar to a toy. But actually it is laden with lots of business supportive features.

It is very slim thanks to its maximum thickness of just 25.5 mm. This is far less than the Macbook Air. But the most impressive part comes in the form of screen, the screen is designed to be more slim and flexible, you can test this by applying a minimum pressure over it. And also unlike other ultra portables it does not offer you any ugly imprints of your fingers when touched on the rear side of the screen. This is really more advantageous when compared with its competitors.

Video and audio:

The audio capability of Toshiba R600 is not that much resounding as it should have been for its brand name. It is equipped with a small mono speaker which doesn’t revel satisfying acoustic properties. The screen has a width of 12.1 inch which makes it suitable for viewing under large aspect ratios. It is equipped with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Due to this you can be ensured of a better clarity even used outdoors or under intense lighting conditions.

Keyboard and touchpad:

Toshiba R600 comes in a staggering silver color, which is more attractive. The design of the key board is also quite impressive both in the looks and operation. The keys are well sized and offer great tactile response.


Toshiba R600 includes a Microsoft Windows Live One Care for driving away viruses. The pre-installed software includes a Microsoft Office 2007 package and other usual Toshiba start up products. But if you don’t want to access this pre-installed software then you have to uninstall them one by one which is a time consuming process rather than taking it away as a whole bundle.

A 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo U9400 processor with 3 GB RAM forms the heart of the whole system. A 120 GB magnetic drive looks after the storage requirements. Though it is of a relatively small built it houses many ports such as a couple of USB ports, VGA outlets, jacks for headphones, mic are also available in its bonnet.

We can conclude that Toshiba R600 is worth its money regarding performance and other built in features in spite of its minor setbacks. When comparing it with its contemporaries it stands out with flying colors so you can confidentially put your bet on Toshiba R600.

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Silicon Drive III

July 11 2009 Categorized Under: Storage Tags; , , , , , , one Commented

silicon drive iiiTo overcome the problems associated with flash cards and hard drives that were originally designed for personal computer applications and consumer electronics, a breakthrough in advanced storage technology has been engineered with the so called Silicon Drives. Silicon Drive III represents the industry’s very first advanced storage technology. It also comes with integrated PowerArmor and SiSMART technologies. The technology involved has been field proven in thousands of customer applications so far.

In March 2009 WD acquired Silicon systems and began shipping its new silicon drive III SSD product family which was actually based on technology developed by Silicon systems. These Silicon Drives are perfect replacement for hard drives used in data processing centers, blade servers and also in industrial and embedded systems apart from places where forward looking and high performance, reliable storage solutions are required. The other features like high transfer rates and capacities of Silicon Drive III enable operation for new multimedia applications involving high data volumes. Also due to the high reliability and the long lifetime of Silicon Drive III flash storage solutions, digital streaming applications like Video on Demand or VOD, Internet Protocol Television or IPTV and digital monitoring, control systems have been able to benefit a lot. Read more…

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