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iPad Mega Update: The Reviews Are In

April 2 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 3 Commented

And they all love the iPad! Apple must be one happy company at the moment. They chose a few regulars and new reviewers for their new device and the embargo has finally been lifted so that people can start talking about it. Hence, reviews and hands on videos/photos started flooding in since the last day of March. With only one day to go before the thing becomes available in the US, the iPad deluge has officially begun and is here to stay for the weekend. I have following things obsessively as usual. So you can just relax and make your way trough this round up instead of going through all of them!

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Best Buy Will Sell iPads From Day 1

March 28 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , , one Commented

No, you cannot have anything else covered whilst the iPad remains out of the public’s reach. The news pipes are jammed with iPad stories and you know you want to know. So here’s more iPad news for your thirsty soul. We already knew that Best Buy made into the elite list of non-Apple retailers who would be carrying the iPad. But they were supposed to start selling the iPad on a later date. But now it seems like their schedule is at tandem with Apple and they will make the long elusive iPad available from April 3rd onwards. Looks like Saturday cannot early enough.

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iPad: First Batch Sold Out!

March 28 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , No Commented

If you want to order an iPad now, you will not be getting it delivered on the 3rd of April. The shipping date for the latest orders is April 12th. Also, the in-store pick up option is no longer available for new pre-orders. So you will just have to want very patiently till your order reaches you. Judging from the the speed at which they sold out, I am pretty sure that Apple is going to face a shortage in supply in the face of increasing demand. There’s nothing to t say exactly how many iPads Apple has sold so far. But some estimates put it at 500,000. That number is supposed to be the combination of the in-store and online pre-orders. Which means the bulk orders, which are bound to be there, add up to even more iPads.

This new development is of course still for the WiFi-only model. Those who want the 3G model will still have to wait till the end of April to get it. Something tells me, April 3rd will be a event to see.


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iPad Pre-Orders Start Today!

March 12 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , one Commented

And the frenzy has already started. Apple started the pre-order quite early today at 5:30am PT. The store was down as usual before that but this time at least we knew what was going on. There’s isn’t much to report. The shipping date has not changed (thankfully) and when you go to the Apple store now, you will see the iPad right before the iPhone and it has a prominent ‘Pre-order’ sticker above. Shipping seems to be free. WiFi-only models ship on April 3rd and the 3G models ship later the same month. The exact date has not been declared.

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All Phones Thursday: Microsoft Recovers Sidekick Data, Acer Has Many New Phones And Solar powered Phones Give Hope

October 15 2009 Categorized Under: Cell Phones Tags; , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , No Commented

[credit: darwinbell, on flickr, via CC, click for source]

This is the weekly round up of everything that is happening in the world of cell phones. We don’t cover wired phones because they are dying a slow but certain death. If you think otherwise, we would love to hear from you! Get to the other side and tell us why in the comments section below the post.

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