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Stop The Press! Google DOES Have A Phone Coming

December 12 2009 Categorized Under: Cell Phones Tags; , , , , , , 3 Commented


It turns out that TechCrunch and Arrington were actually right! And let’s face it, we did want to be true. Yes, the Google phone is alive and well. Google has just confirmed that they do have an Android device in distribution amongst employees all over the world. Although, if you read their post you won’t find much to talk about.

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Nokia 5130 Xpress Music Review: Music On The Cheap

September 28 2009 Categorized Under: Uncategorized Tags; , , , , , , , , , 3 Commented


The Nokia 5130 Xpress Music is not the classiest phone that you will ever see and it is the lowest priced Xpress Music phone in the market. It is a basic phone that gives you the facilities of a music phone on the cheap. That means for much less than the other Xpress Music models, you can get some of the features of a Nokia music phone like dedicated shortcut keys and a music centric UI that lets you play music at a moment’s notice. Get to the other side for a full review.

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