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Macs Show Weird Prices on Australian And New Zealand Apple Websites, New Models Coming?

March 18 2010 Categorized Under: Desktop Computers, Laptops, netbooks Tags; , , , , , , , , , , 3 Commented

Yet another online advertising fiasco is unfolding down under. As Apple is believed by all to be inching closer to the much awaited and needed Mac Pro and MacBook Pro updates, online adverts in Australia showed up with weird prices. This heightened the frenzy that was already surrounding this highly anticipated update.

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HexaCore Mac Pros To Be Unveiled This Tuesday? [Rumors]

March 12 2010 Categorized Under: Desktop Computers Tags; , , , , , 4 Commented

Okay, this one’s cutting it a bit to fine and exact to be a baseless rumor. ZDNet has this delicious rumor about the new HexaCore Mac Pros that the rumor mill sniffed out last year itself. If their word is corrent, then Apple is getting ready to unveil the new HexCore Mac Pros with the Intel Core-i7980x chip that Intel is supposed to unveil on the same day. The code name for the chip is ‘Gulftown’

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2010 Predictions: Apple

January 3 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones, Desktop Computers, Laptops, netbooks Tags; , , , , , , , , , , 3 Commented

Apple is probably one of most watched companies in the current tech industry. After taking the mobile phone industry completely by storm and making another iTunes (Music) Store success story out of it, the bystanders and the competitors have become wiser now — Apple is definitely up to something. A lot of things in fact, if all the rumors are to be believed. But since they can’t all be believed, here’s your distilled dose of what 2010 is expected to be like for Apple.

Apple’s secrecy is legendary by now. They are so good that other companies should probably learn from them.  Thanks to this obsessive need for secrecy, we hardly know anything about what Apple has got cooking in their labs. So we subsist on sifting through rumors. This of course generates unimaginable hype for Apple but they are a company that has perfected the art of under-promising and over-delivering. From profit projections to devices, they do it every time. So we are always in a dilemma about how much to stretch our imagination.

I will try to keep mine on a tight leash for the following list and give you the things that I think Apple is really about to do.

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