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iPhone OS 4.0 Arriving 8th April ’10: Gentlemen, Rev Yer iPhones!

April 7 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones Tags; , , , , No Commented

It is official folks. The next generation of the iPhone platform will be coming sooner than we all expected. In fact, much sooner than we all expected. With less than a week since the iPad went on sale, Apple will be giving select people a “Sneak peek” in to the future of the iPhone. As you can see in the image above [courtesy of Engadget], the ’4′ features quite prominently in the theme even though it isn’t mentioned anywhere. So ladies and gentlemen, in about 24 more hours, we will be seeing the much rumored, much talked about iPhone OS 4.0. But why is Apple doing it so early?

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Razer Announces Full Mac Support For All (Existing And) Future Models

March 10 2010 Categorized Under: Gaming Tags; , , , , one Commented

Razer has finally gotten around to making Mac drivers for all its upcoming accessories. They announced this at the ongoing GDC (Games Developer Conference). Existing customers won’t be left out in the cold either. They have also committed to making OS X drivers all their existing accessories so that they can be used as easily on Macs as on PCs. And this announcement comes only days after Valve announced that Steam will be available for Macs, along with all the gaming goodness that Steam is known for.

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HTC Legend Gets UK Release Date Of March 23rd

March 9 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones Tags; , , , , , , , 2 Commented

HTC’s Legend has got to be the most coveted Android phone ever since it was first shown off at the MWC 2010 event. It’s premium aluminum unibody build, the rich AMOLED display, the premium finish — everything makes you want it, bad. Those lusting after it in the US will have to wait a while loger before they get any specific dates but their UK counterparts have already received their release date — 23rd March.

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Nokia Might Launch A New Booklet At MWC Tomorrow [Nokia] [Intel]

February 15 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones, Misc, Tablets Tags; , , , , , 4 Commented

It seems like Intel will be in attendance at Nokia’s press event at MWC (Mobile World Congress) tomorrow. The invitations that were sent out to the press had both Intel and Nokia’s logo on them, suggesting another joint announcement from the collaborators. Of course, the companies themselves are barely saying anything about the whole affair. The official word is that they will be updating everyone about their relationship status and then Nokia can move on to a solo event about what new thing it has done in recent times. But that is only the official word and that is as good as not saying anything at all.

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Sony Would Like A Piece Of the Tablet Pie [Tablets]

February 5 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , one Commented

Oh Sony, we like you for making Vaios. We really do. And we also think that your eReaders are really cool and all. But Apple has the best tablet of all times and we just think are acting a bit too ‘me too!’ to churn out something really useful.

So Sony CEO Nobuyuki Oneda said at a Press Conference in Tokyo recently that they were interested in what Apple is trying to do with its latest product — the iPad. He said that Sony would like to be active in that market and that means everything that the iPad is doing. But there’s a tiny little problem with that and Oneda knows it.

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