Samsung To Bring Out (Another) New Android-Based Yepp Tablet

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Samsung has been busy at work with Android. They have released a multitude of smartphones and a tablet too. But now it has been revealed that they are also working on another MID tablet device for their Yepp line of PMP’s. It is described as an MID and was discovered on the Bluetooth SIG database.

So Samsung has more than one Android tablet device in the works. Right on the heels of the announcement of an Andrdoid-based tablet, comes this discovery of yet another tablet based on Google’s mobile platform. This new tablet is identified as the YP-MB2 and was discovered deep within the Bluetooth SIG database.

This tablet will be part of the Yepp series of PMP’s from Samsung and will have a 4inch form factor. Reading the spec sheet actually reminds of because it basically does everything you’d expect from an Android phone, minus the cellular network calls. It has GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and the TouchWiz 3.0 UI. The 4 inch touchscreen has an AMOLED display, making it a really good tablet for enjoying your videos and images on. From the looks of it, this device is destined for the Asian markets only. More specifically, it seems like it is heading for South Korea.

But all you folks outside Asia don’t worry. If it really stays limited to Asia, somebody or the other is sure to import it. Plus, Samsung knows that the market is hot for these devices all over the world right now. So they might wisen up and make it available elsewhere.


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