iPad: First Batch Sold Out!

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If you want to order an iPad now, you will not be getting it delivered on the 3rd of April. The shipping date for the latest orders is April 12th. Also, the in-store pick up option is no longer available for new pre-orders. So you will just have to want very patiently till your order reaches you. Judging from the the speed at which they sold out, I am pretty sure that Apple is going to face a shortage in supply in the face of increasing demand. There’s nothing to t say exactly how many iPads Apple has sold so far. But some estimates put it at 500,000. That number is supposed to be the combination of the in-store and online pre-orders. Which means the bulk orders, which are bound to be there, add up to even more iPads.

This new development is of course still for the WiFi-only model. Those who want the 3G model will still have to wait till the end of April to get it. Something tells me, April 3rd will be a event to see.


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