LaCie Creates Super-Rugged Flash Drive

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What do you get when you take a flash drive and stuff it into a super tough metal pipe? You get LaCie’s new XtremKey over the top protected rugged USB flash drive. And when I say over the top, I mean it in a run-a-10 ton-truck-over-it kinda way. You can literally run it over with a truck, freeze it, and boil it without damaging it and the data inside. Seems like LaCie is aiming for military-grade protection. Not that it already is not out there.

LaCie’s XtremKey can take temperature fluctuations of up to 200ºC and down to -50ºC — way past the boiling and freezing points of water, respectively. It is also waterproof to depths of up to 100M. So you can take it with you when you are trying to bust into some underwater lair of some super villain, a la classic James Bond style sharks with laser canons. But I digress.

The thing basically is housed inside an insulated metal tube and can also take a 16 foot drop. It also comes with, interestingly enough, 2 years of complimentary 4GB online cloud storage. The drives themselves range from 8GB to 64GB. Also, the emphasis here is no ruggedness and not security. So no epoxy glue to destroy your data if some breaks in or separate secure chip holding your passkey that self-fries on intrusion.

The company is currently busy showing off this new product to people. So they are not scaring us with any pricing details, which is surely going to be on the pretty expensive category of flash drives. Btu we shall get the shock soon because it is supposed to come out as soon as next month.


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