Netbooks Wednesday: Litl Easel Launched, ThinkPad Netbooks Spied, $300 Vaio P Coming to Verizon And More

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No matter how much companies try to play them down, netbooks are still going pretty strong. They may no generate much profit for the companies but they sure are hits with the users. That is why Otaku Gadgets updates you on the very latest on netbook every Wednesday – cutting through all the noise and delivering you the stuff that matters.

This week, we have Litl finally releasing their Webbook (Easel) netbook, multiple new Asus models start showing up across the world and Lenovo seems to have ThinkPad series netbooks up their sleeves. Get to the other side for brand new netbooks and more netbook news.

Litl Easel Released: Named Webbook And Too Expensive


The Litl Webbook is a well-named, interesting litl concept. It gives you a netbook that has the usual specs ­– Atom 1.6Ghz, 1GB RAM – but a tiny litl 2GB flash storage. Is that the company taking their name too far? It is because it has a completely custom OS that relies entirely on the cloud i.e. – things running and stored on the Internet. So, to use the Webbook you are to remain connected at all times. But then again, this is meant to be a nice little family computer that is meant to be usable by every member of your family.

The form factor is pretty interesting. It has nice litl touches here and there. You have the baby blue parts and the overall cutesy appeal. You can turn the screen far beyond the usual angle to achieve an easel like effect (hence that code-name). That way you achieve a nice view while watching movies or pictures. Plus, it comes in handy during something called the Channel view.

Channel view is when the online content is displayed full-screen. You have those widgets cycling around in the easel mode, displaying information in full screen. So overall, it is a nice litl concept that sound like fun.

What isn’t fun is the price, which is not so litl at $700. With that kind of money, no one would be interested in buying something that does not even have enough space to store movies, music and pictures on. They need to curtail their expectations a (large) bit and then may be they will see some response. But it does look nice and family friendly, I will give it that.



1021N Spotted In Italy


The 12.1” ION powered Eee PC 1201N had already been announced by Asus post the Windows 7 launch as part of their new line up. But it had yet to show up on stores, until now. Netbook Italia has spotted the 1201N at an online store in Italy. It is going for €510 (including VAT, $754 approx at the current rate). It will be running Windows 7 and will have more RAM and better graphics (courtesy ION). [read]

1001HA On Pre-Order in The UK


The budget Eee PC 1001HA is a low configuration model that is more like the last generation of the netbooks that is now selling at a discount price. With its 1.6GHz Atom Processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD and 3-cell battery, it will just get you through all your basic surfing needs. But it won’t cost you anything more than £199.99 if you are in the UK. It is currently on pre-order. It will run Windows XP and Windows 7. It think that is as much about cost-cutting as about performance limits. [read]

T91MT On Pre-order In The US


The T91MT is the updated version of the touchscreen-convertible Eee PC T91. The new model has a multi-touch enabled touchscreen, which is signified by the ‘MT’ in the model name. It is now up for pre-order on Amazon for $549 with the full huge model name.

Asus will not include its own custom touch UI now that Windows 7 is here, which might finally start selling the device. It will be running Windows 7 Home Premium – the lowest edition of Windows 7 to have multi-touch. [read]



ThinkPad Netbooks Spied On


After a hazy and suspicious live shot of the alleged ThinkPad netbook, we now have clear shots of what indeed looks like a netbook with the ThinkPad branding and signature features. It is apparently called the ThinkPad x200e or the x100e. No one is all that sure yet. The pictures look real enough, so we will have to say that this thing looks like it will hit the shelves soon. [read]

New Lenovo Netbook On FCC


Before those above pictures surfaced, a new Lenovo notebook model was spotted on the FCC by Wireless Goodness. And the images look very much like a netbook. The images are part of an application made by Wistron, Lenovo’s hardware assembler. This might be the new ThinkPad netbook and hence it might be pretty close to launching. I would say next week. [read]

Hates Linux But Likes Chrome OS

Lenovo has been saying that Linux simply does not cut it in the market and that Windows 7 now makes it look even worse by comparison. And then they go on to talk about their Interest in the Chrome OS being developed by Google. For those of you who don’t get the joke here – Chrome OS is a full on Linux-based OS that is being developed by Google. May be they are overlooking that ‘minor’ problem in an otherwise promising OS. [read]


Via Releases Nano 3000


Intel has been having a nice and big Atom party ever since the netbook craze hit the market. But others have wanted a piece of that pie for quite some time now. So AMD released the Neo, NVIDIA the Tegra and VIA the Nano. Now that the next-generation Atom is approaching, the others have to step up their game. And it looks like VIA has already done it.

Enter the new Nano 3000 – 64-bit support and picture perfect 1080p HD playback. Plus there’s also support for better security features built into the chip. This will be the chip that tales on the Atom N470 that is headed our way. [read]

Verizon To Start Offering $300 Vaio P


Looks like Verizon is going to get a Vaio P on their roster and they will apparently be selling it for $299 (minus may be a $100 rebate). You of course have to sign a long-term data contract with them but sicne this is not AT&T, you might actually want to. [read]

Hackintosh: Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Update Will Break  Atom Support

This is just a heads up to those running hackintosh Atom netbooks. Do not upgrade to 10.6.2 till the hackers figure something out. The latest build kernels of this update lack support for Atom, which will completely break your hackintosh once the update goes live and gets installed into your system. Panic not though, the hackers will likely figure this out pretty easily. That is unless Apple is devious enough to actively make it harder for them. For all legit Apple computer users, take that smirk with you to the next post. ;)

Eee Control For Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

For those of you who have been running Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10) on a Eee PC or similar netbook, this should be important. Eee Control, the little piece of Linux software that allows you to tweak the clock speed of Atom, is now out for Karmic Koala. It helps you tweak the chip in order to achieve a balance between speed and battery life and you can choose either one when you need to.[read]

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