Netbook Wednesday: OLED Netbook, Litle Easel, Pineview Eee PCs Leak, Second Nokia Netbook Rumors And More

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Dell Goes All Artsy - Netbooks Wednesday 28oct09

If you are going mobile, netbooks are the thing! And to help you stay up to date on this fast changing segment of portables, I gather up the latest netbook news for you every Wednesday. From the latest in netbook components to the latest in netbook models – you get it all right here once every week.

Get to the other side for this week’s round up.

Samsung’s 7” OLED Netbook Prototype

You know you are going to see some fancy displays when the name of an event is Flat Panel Display (FPD ’09) and Samsung has not disappointed in that regard. They are showing off a new 7” netbook prototype that has an OLED display. As you can imagine, the brightness and contrast ratio are off the hook – 300CD/m2 and 1000000:1 respectively! But the resolution is only 1024×600. But since this is a tiny screen anyway, I think that much is quite enough. No word on pricing yet (obviously) but rest assured it will be quite higher than your average 7” portable. [read]

FCC Reveals Pine Fresh New Eee PCs


You gotta give to the FCC – they have turned into a pretty reliable source for finding out gadgets that are yet to be announced or released. After they became the source for Apple leaks, they are now a rich mine for new and unannounced Eee PCs from Asus. They are your usual Eee PC fare with 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, etc. But the new thing about them is the fact it looks like they will be powered by the next generation Atom chips or ‘Pineview’ as the code name goes. Also, it looks like at least one is going to have a 3G modem. [read]

Dell Now Offers Dell Design Studio For Mini 10/10v Netbooks

Dell's Artsy laptops and netbooks

We human beings have always wanted to own everything. So personalization and customization comes very naturally to us. Thinking along those lines, Dell has been offering various colors on their laptops for quite sometime now. And now they will let you buy your laptops with one of 200 available original artworks on the lid.

What is more exciting is that this offer extends to the Mini 10/10v line of netbooks as well. The cost of getting one of the artworks on your portable is $85, out of which $20 goes to AIDS charity in Africa. Now there’s a good impetus for buying into this. [read]

Leaked: Litl Easel 12.1” Netbook With Custom OS


Dunno if this will be just another piece of vaporware but it sure is friendly looking. A little known company called Litl is coming up with an interesting netbook that has a custom OS. The OS is designed like a stack of cards which are color coded into three colors – Blue, White and Black. Blue is for ‘permanents’ cards like settings, white is for the web like the browser and black is for things that are similar to widgets.

This was unearthed from the FCC (again) by Engadget. The aim of the company is to make computing more intuitive and family friendly. But we have heard that promise so many times that it is kinda hard to believe in it till we see something really pathbreaking. [read]

Atom N470 Netbooks Will Be Easier To Make

Atom N470_big

Intel currently has a lot of restrictions about what manufacturers can and cannot do with the Atom. So as you can imagine, that severly limits the choices manufactures can make while making Atom computers.

This is apparently about to change with the advent of the next-generation of Atom chips. It also ties in with the fact that Microsoft is finally allowing netbooks to load Windows 7 Home Premium. So you can finally look forward to netbooks that have a bit more power without completely letting go of the battery life. [read]

MSI Tegra eBook Reader Might Be A Netbook


As I mentioned yesterday, MSI is making a Tegra-based eBook reader. The reason I am including this in this round up is because the Tegra is far too powerful to be used to power a simple eBook reader. After all, it is meant to be Atom’s direct competitor. So MSI might have something pretty interesting up its sleeve.

Leeenux: Yet Another Ubuntu-Based Netbook OS

Somehow, I had not come across this little OS when I did my netbook OS round up few days back. The title says it all though. This is a light OS that is based on Ubuntu Linux and it is meant for Eee PCs and other similar netbook models. It mimics the UI of Ubuntu Netbook Remix to better utilize a small screen. It is optimized to run on 7” devices and has a power utility to optimize battery life. Plus it is only 1.4GB after installtion, so you can install it on a 2GB device. If you use your netbook for basic things like surfing the net, chatting and checking mail, this OS might be useful for you. [read]

Nokia Booklet 3G On Pre-Order At Best Buy


Christmas is coming and if you want a Booklet 3G out of contract, you can pre-order yours at Best Buy. As you know, the retail store has the (retail) exclusive on this netbook and they are currently charging $599.99 for the device on the website. These are all unlocked versions and they are currently only available in black. Best Buy says option for blue is coming soon. [read]

New Nokia Netbook Rumored For Next Year

Nokia-Booklet-3G-blue and black - ah the sleekness of it all

The Nokia Booklet 3G has hardly gone on pre-order and we already have rumors of a new netbook from Nokia in 2010. The speculation comes from the fact that the company the makes the Booklet 3G is working overtime to satisfy the demands of production. This is turned into something that goes along the lines of Nokia debuting a netbook (or an updated model) next year.

It would be pretty logical though because we will see a lot of new technology next year and it makes business sense to update something that has been selling well. [read]


Feel like adding to that list? Got a netbook you absolutely love? Share it with us in the comments below?

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