HexaCore Mac Pros To Be Unveiled This Tuesday? [Rumors]

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Okay, this one’s cutting it a bit to fine and exact to be a baseless rumor. ZDNet has this delicious rumor about the new HexaCore Mac Pros that the rumor mill sniffed out last year itself. If their word is corrent, then Apple is getting ready to unveil the new HexCore Mac Pros with the Intel Core-i7980x chip that Intel is supposed to unveil on the same day. The code name for the chip is ‘Gulftown’

Logically that only makes sense if Apple is to really get that exclusive deal that the first rumors talked about. According to those rumors, Apple is supposed to have a temporary exclusivity over this chip, like it has done in the past with Intel. If pressurized, Intel might oblige Apple because after all, Apple’s business means a lot of business to Intel and it goes beyond just chips.

The Gulftown chip is the result of the new 32nm fabircation process and will have six physical cores.  The Core i7-980x will be called the Core-i7x (Extreme Edition). It is going to be the very first dual-socket, six-core processor made by Intel. With its 6 cores, 12 threads and dual configuration, this new Mac Pro with the Core i7-980x will have 24 logical cores that will max out at a high 3.33 GHz. None of this is totally official but it is way too close now to be wrong.

The Mac Pros received a small speed upgrade last December but other than that it hasn’t seen any action since over a year. With rumors suggestiing a Mac Pro refresh on Tuesday and Intel gearing up to unveil Gulftown on Tuesday, it seems like a logical conclusion that they will be Apple’s new Mac Pro. There’s one snag to this dream team though and it has been pointed out by HardMac.

As they point out, Apple usually uses Intel’s special Xeon chips that are meant for servers, on their Mac Pro models. And Intel is also releasing multiple new Xeon 5600-series chips on Tuesday. This includes Intel’s 2010 flagship chip — the Xeon 5680. And now, Tuesday can’t come fast enough.


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