Catch Up Monday: Read Up On The Important Stuff Before Facing The Week

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image by florriebassingbourn CC via flickr, click for sourceIt’s Monday again and you know what that means – getting back to work, getting over hang over and generally wishing the weekend did not end in the blink of an eye.

Monday is also the day for catching up to what’s been happening since your left your desk on Friday. So here are the important things for you to get updated on. Get to the other side to read about more indications of new (and delectable) Apple products coming out soon and how your tech future is shaping up in terms of GPUs and super-fast wireless data connections that are faster than your wired home broadband.

Super 3G Coming Super Fast To The UK, To Be Faster That Current Wired Broadband


Mobile broadband is about to get a lot faster, thanks to the next generation in 3G networks called Long Term Evolution or LTE. Telefonica, O2’s parent company is testing out advanced 3G data connections that will deliver blazing fast downloads to your mobile phone.

How fast, you ask?  In a demonstration in April in Madrid, Telefonica with Ericsson showed it off with a VoIP call during a Video Call. That would bring currently available connections down on their knees. They also showed off data transfers speeds of around 140Mbps.

If you are still missing out on it – the current fastest 3G connection available in the UK in general is 7.2Mbps with Vodafone covering a few areas with 14.4Mbps. The Digital Britain report intends to roll out 2Mbps connections as the universal standards. The fastest home broadband available is currently at 100Mbps in the UK. That is the current capacity of optical fibre cable connections or FTTH (Fiber To The Home). This can and probably will be upgraded to the full capacity of 1Gbps some time in the future.

Technically, this not 4G because it does not meet the technical specifications of 4G which needs to go up to 1Gbps.

In the meantime, Telefonica expects the service to max out at 340Mbps when it finally goes live in the UK. Now that is insane speed. And to think that UK is currently lagging behind in the global broadband scene! [ThinkBroadband]

NVIDIA’s Fermi Aimed At World Domination

Tesla_FermiIt’s no secret that NVIDIA has been eyeing the supercomputing market and abandoning the gaming market in the process. Ever since they made the Fermi more suitable for supercomputing than gaming, they have had their crosshair firmly aimed at biting off Intel’s market share in the supercomputing segment.

But that does not stop them from reminding people that it is great for accelerating performance in Windows 7 and also in Snow Leopard. In Windows 7 it will support the DirectX-11 while in Snow Leopard it will support something called OpenCL, which basically does a similar job as DirectX.

Also, they don’t want us to forget about the fact that it is still a GPU and hence great at gaming.

So let’s see here – Super Computers, Mac OS and Windows – yep, that’s pretty much every computer in the market barring the tiny (but growing) Linux and Solaris segment.

The Fermi GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) contains 512 processing cores and is currently in direct competition with the ‘Larrabee’ graphics chip that Intel is developing. NVIDIA has declined to comment on the comparison because Larrabee has not come out yet. NVIDIA did however mention the fact Larrabee was started two years back and ATI and NVIDIA have both released new technology twice in the interim.

BlackBerry Desktop Software For Mac Arrives (About Time Too)

Image credit: Inside BlackBerry BlogAfter promising to arrive sometime in September, the BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac is finally available. Or to put it the way the blog puts it, the BlackBerry Desktop Software is now compatible with Mac OS.

It is currently available as a free download from the BlackBerry website. It supports Mac OS X 10.5.5 and above only. So those of you who are still on Tiger, it is time to get upgraded. It also requires iTunes 7.2 or higher and BlackBerry Device Software version 4.2 or higher. Snow Leopard is probably supported.

It can sync playlists with iTunes, sync your contacts, calendars, appointments and also add and delete apps. There also functions for encryption and backup. RIM, the company behind the BlackBerry brand, has always stressed on security and it is good to see them coming through with it. [More images at Inside BlackBerry blog]

Apple Ads Confirm New Mac Real Soon

apple imacs at presentAppleInsider has done it again. They have been completely on the top of the latest rumors about a new Mac release approaching and it looks like they have newer evidence to share. Apparently, one of the Apple International online stores accidentally released ads ahead of schedule. These ads ended up on the local Google ( search results. They got taken down of course but not before everyone saw what sounds like new white polycarbonate body MacBooks, thinner iMacs and faster Mac Minis.

If this is indeed real, it only goes to confirm that Apple is going to release these products soon. Logically, it should be before the holiday season hits and if Apple wants a dig at Microsoft, they can eclipse the Windows 7 launch with an October 22nd event. That would be sneaky of them.

Apple Bluetooth Mouse And Keyboard Coming (Caution: Might Induce Drooling)


Here’s another Apple rumor and this time it is Engadget reporting. They have spotted a new keyboard and mouse duo arriving at the FCC for their approval. The mouse is rumored to be multitouch, thanks to the patent filings from some time back.

The tech blog then updated their post saying that the images were pulled off the FCC filing and replaced with cropped images.

AppleInsider has been talking about an aluminum housing but says that the production line might as well be in plastic.

I know many people who would love to have a bluetooth keyboard with their iPhone. Would Apple allow that? Why not allow it? This keyboard is smaller than the existing keyboard so it might be more portable. No number pad though.

Sony Transfers 60 Watts Wirelessly Over 50cm

wirelesspower demo by intel at IDF '08 photo by John HerrmanSony has been testing wireless charging it seems and they are not just talking about induction either. They have been (apparently) successful in transferring about 60 watts of power through the air using magnetic resonance. The only thing that is special here is that they did it over a distance of 50cm, which is equivalent to around 1.6 feet. [Sony PR]

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  2. [...] already know that NVIDIA has had its crosshair set on the supercomputing market for quite some time and now we [...]