Asus Eee PC 1201PN And Eee Top 2010PNT Spotted Toting NVIDIA ION 2 At CeBit 2010 [Asus]

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Asus has quietly put on two ION 2 systems on display at this year’s CeBit. One is an Eee PC model and the other is an Eee Top model. Needless to say that Asus will competing directly with Acer now, thanks to these upgrades and the systems do look promising. At least on paper they do. No has gotten them benchmarked yet.

Engadget and others have spotted the Asus Eee PC 1201PN and the Eee Top 2010PNT at CeBit 2010 and both of them sport the next generation Ion. Of course, this is what NVIDIA told us about last year — ION 2 is coming. The Eee PC 1201PN actually is a lot like the Eee PC 1201N that was released last year and had the Diamondville Atom Processor. This new model has the new PineTrail Atom N450 processor along with descrete NVIDIA graphics. The display at the Asus booth confirmed that it uses the NVIDIA Optimus technology in order to switch efficiently between integrated and discrete graphics. It was already known that ION 2 is going to support NVIDIA’s Optimus technology and this more or less confirms that.

Actually, all of this guess work would not have been required had NVIDIA made formal announcements. But they haven’t yet and this is how we glean information.

The other system was the Eee Top 2010PNT, which has exactly what the rumors said it would have — a dual-core Atom D510 processor and NVIDIA ION 2.  if you’re wondering about its home theatre capabilities then let me tell that yes, this baby will power your HD display and work pretty well as a media center/HTPC rig. And going by other models, this will be a much cheaper options as well than buying full blown HTPC rigs.

I own the AsRock ION 330 nettop and I vouch for ION’s performance. It really does deliver on the performance part. Now we just have to wait to know what ION 2 does with the battery life on a netbook. That is something that will really be the deciding factor for ION 2 netbooks. Although, the ability to play proper 3D games on a netbook is pretty alluring too. It might end up being a classic trade off. Enjoy this video demo from Engadget for now.


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