Apple iMacs Driving WorldWide Desktop Sales Growth

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For the past two years, worldwide desktop PC sales have sagged so badly that they have had negative growth for that period. This is set to change this year and according to analysts, it is mainly because of Apple’s iMac desktops.

Robert Cihra of Caris & Company said in a research note issued this Wednesday that the overall PC market this year has been trending upwards at about 15-20%. Behind this trend is the explosive growth in the combined sales of netbooks and notebooks, which are currently amounting to over 90% of the total PC growth!

Then he goes on to say that the desktop market is finally looking like it has some life left in it. After 24 months of negative growth,  things are looking up for the heftier consumer computers. This has been attributed to the strong performance of the Apple iMac models, which could help the year-on-year figure by about 3%. It is currently slipping down at a rate of 12%.

Cihra says in the report that even though they (analysts at his company) still put the netbooks/notebooks down as more than 90% of everything shipping, the desktop industry might finally be headed to a slow recovery. He says that there will be slow growth at single digit rates. It is then that he says the Apple’s iMacs will actually account for about 25% of all the desktop sales growth.

Regionally speaking, the corporate demand has been increasing in the US and this is where a lot of desktops go. I’d say that the corporates are finally looking to make the pending upgrades now that the recession is seen as on its way out. But the major chunk of the growth, as much as 70% of the whole, is likely to to come from emerging markets such as Japan and Western Europe. If this does indeed happen, it will be the first time when international sales have accounted for over 50% of the entire growth , according to him.

The iMacs have been selling in higher volumes ever since the 21 and the 27inch models came out late laster year in October. In November of the same year, Apple had an increase of 21% in Mac sales which was mostly due to an amazing 74% growth rate for Desktop Macs. During the closing of the last quarter, Apple reported a 57% rise in the desktop sales, which resulted in a 70% year-over-year growth. Now those are impressive figures.

Cihra was thoroughly impressed with Apple’s ability to stay in control even through trying times. He praises the company for being so very good at what it does. Apple apparently maintains Average Selling Prices that are much higher than its competitors and yet Apple still offers its consumers the most affordable devices. That is Apple according to Cihra.

The report expects Apple Macs to grow 1.6 times the industry average, which means Apple is to grow even more in this year.

But since everything in this report are just predictions, there’s no being 100% sure of it all. But this are trends and changes that have been happening for a while and hence it can be expected that Apple will follow through.


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