Saturday Apple Pie: Tablet Returns, iPhones Gets Infected Again, 67th Broadway Previewed And More

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Every Saturday is that day of the week when we update you on all the important Apple news that has taken place over the week. Get over to the other side for your piece of the delicious Saturday Apple Pie from Otaku Gadgets.

Pen-based Ink Recognition Patent Fuels New Tablet Rumors


Apple had filed for a patent in July 2009 where it describes a pen-based computer application that works in between the pen input and the device so that the pen input is more accurately interpreted. The patent refers to tablet computers a lot and this has officially gotten the rumor mill cranking out tablet speculations again. [read]

Apple’s New Store Is Ginormous, Opens Today

67th on broadway

Apple has gone all big and grand with their latest store on the 67th in Broadway and they say that this will be the norm from now on. It is hard to describe the place without writing full paragraphs, so you have to check out the press pictures or go there yourself. [view]

Apple Shares Store Statistics

Did you know that the latest Apple store had 10,000 applicants vying to work there? And did you know that Apple earns $4,300 per square foot of retail space and $26 million in sales per Apple Store? Apple certainly wants the world to know how great they are doing. [read]

Apple Makes More Money Than Nokia

Apple has made more money selling smartphones than the phone giant Nokia, this last quarter (Q3 ‘09). The difference between the two is about $0.5 billion. [read]

Apple Grows In The Global Smartphone Market

Picture 4

Apple has grabbed more market share this quarter and now holds 17.1% of the entire global smartphone market. For a two and a half year old phone, that is not half bad. [read]

Apple’s miniDisplayPort Now VESA Standard


The miniDisplayPort by Apple has long been an odd one out in the video industry. But now it gets two thumbs up from the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), which has made it a part of their official DisplayPort specifications (versions 1.1 and 1.2). [read]

OS X 10.6.2 Update Kills Atom Hackintoshes, Fix On The Way


It has been confirmed multiple times that the latest Mac OS update takes away Atom bits and kills Atom-based hackintosh netbooks. The hackers are already busy on a fix, which should be available soon. [read]

Safari 4.0.4 Update Fixes Security And Other Things

safari 4.0.4 update

Safari was updated to 4.0.4 this week and it fixes a critical security problem and sets other things right as well. [read]

Macworld Will Not Have Steve Jobs, Kevin Smith Invited Instead

Steve Jobs will not be speaking at the upcoming Macworld. So the organizers have invited Kevin Smith to speak at the event. [read]

iTunes Preview On Your Browser

Now you can preview iTunes links on your browser when you click on one online. The feature is called iTunes Preview and it is live right now. [read]

iTunes Gets Lots Of HD Content

Apple has been putting a lot of HD content on the iTunes store and this time they have gotten it right. These HD movies have generated a lot of excitement and they are likely to sell very well, making Apple yet more profits from digital content sales. [read]

Apple Store iPod Touch Based Checkout Device Spied On


Apple has shifted to using an iPod Touch-based on the spot checkout system for their Stores. They used to use a Microsoft solution prior to the switch. Pockelint has some spy shots for us and it looks… about as interesting as a barcode scanning iPod Touch can get. [read]

Apple Threat Real For Nintendo

Nintendo might claim that Apple is no competition for them but the truth is that Apple is becoming more of a competition each day. Ars Technica points out why. [read]


iPhone News:


Harmless iPhone Worm Followed By A Malicious One

Jailbroken iPhones have been hit again with a malicious exploit that compromises the phone in the same way as the last (rickrolling) worm did. But this new one silently steals private data instead of changing your wallpaper. [read]

iPhone Possibly Coming To  Verizon Only

According to analysts, worldmode iPhones are quite the impossibility for next year. However, it seems like they are bringing the iPhone to Verizon and it will probably be Verizon-only in the US. [read]

App Store Approval Process Improves

app store approval tracker screen shot

Apple introduced a new status tracking system that tracks submitted apps through the approval process. It thus simplifies one small part of the entire thing. [read]

iPhone Apps Give You Better Bang Per Buck

If you want more value for money, you should go to the App Store instead of its competition. This is what analysts have to say after comparing various mobile platforms on a dollar per dollar basis. [read]

Orange UK Sells Over 30,000 iPhones On First Day, Tri-Carrier Battle Begins

Even though the latest iPhones have been available for a long time now in the UK, Orange UK made huge opening day sales with more than 30,000 iPhone flying off the shelves. Orange is now one of the three carriers selling the iPhone in the UK. [read]

Vimeo Plays Better With The iPhone (And Android)

Vimeo has recently upgraded its website to work better with mobile platforms and the focus is on the iPhone and the Android. [read]

Cool (And Dangerous) iPhone Car Hack

This video teaches you how to drive a car solely through your iPhone. Talk about a massive hack. [read]

iPhone Dev Quits And Blames Apple For It

Famous developer Joe Hewitt, the one who created the Facebook app for the iPhone, has declared that he is quitting the platform. He has clearly stated that he took this decision because of Apple’s policies. [read]


Best iPhone Accessories And Apps From This Week:

HD Radio For iPhone

Picture 6

Next time someone tells you that youe iPod Touch does not have HD radio, you can retort by saying that there’s an app for that! Yes, now you can turn your iPod Touch into an HD Radio with a free app and an external HD radio tuner. [read]

Sparkz Projector iPhone Dock


If you want an expensive way to project your iPhone movies through a pico projector, this should be right up your alley. [read]

GPS For iPod Touch


The iPod Touch had been a favorite amongst consumers ever since it was first launched. It is the phone-less iPhone that lets everyone access the app store without the hassles of the iPhone. But the Touch misses out on geolocation because it has no GPS. Now that can be fixed with the Dual XGPS300 add on gadget for the iPod Touch. The app for it comes for free but is locked to the device. [read]

8x Optical Zoom For The iPhone


If you want to take long distance shots with your iPhone, you have to check out this iPhone accessory. It is a case + zoom lens + mini-tripod + holder set that allows your iPhone to have an 8x optical zoom lens attached to it! [read]

AirSharing Turns Your iPhone Into A Mass Storage Device

This new app called AirSharing lets you wirelessly mount your iPhone as a network drive and then lets you drag and drop files on to it. This is something that has been sorely missing from the iPhone. [read]

Taptu Gets Real Time Support

The mobile search app from Taptu wil soon have real time search features now that the company has tied up with real-time search engine OneRiot. Coolness to follow on an iPhone near you. [read]

Livestreamer Procaster

If you want to videocast live to iPhone users, you no longer need to have Apple’s approval and you can do it for free. All thanks to Livcstreamer’s Procaster solution. Watch the video for detials. [read]

Awaken Goes 1.2


Awaken has been a beloved app on the Mac and its iPhone version has been well received too. The iPhone app has now progressed to version 1.2 and now has new features that are both fun and useful. [read]

Sky Mobile TV Comes To iPhone

Now UK iPhone users can watch the English Premiere League and other such sporting events on their phone, thanks to the Sky TV iPhone app. It is currently WiFi Only due to O2’s network policy. [read]

Commodore 64 Emulator Is Back

After going on and off the app store and getting mired in controversy, the commodore 64 emulator app is back. It no longer emulates the programming bit but it does do the thing that makes it a really fun app to have for nostalgic techies. It lets you play the classic Commodore 64 games. Comes with 14 classic games, including the famous International Karate. [read]

10 Million Free iPhone Ringtones From Myxer

Want 10 million free ringtones? Myxer has it in one place for all the iPhone users. Available through a standalone site or a podcast. [read]

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  1. [...] new Magellan iPhone app. And it works for the iPod Touch too! It does so in the same way that the Dual XGPS300 works to give the iPod Touch aGPS. Magellan has a car kit like the one from TomTom that does same [...]

  2. [...] new Magellan iPhone app. And it works for the iPod Touch too! It does so in the same way that the Dual XGPS300 works to give the iPod Touch aGPS. Magellan has a car kit like the one from TomTom that does same [...]

  3. [...] new Magellan iPhone app. And it works for the iPod Touch too! It does so in the same way that the Dual XGPS300 works to give the iPod Touch aGPS. Magellan has a car kit like the one from TomTom that does same [...]

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