Saturday Apple Pie: A Lot Has Happened, Time To Catch Up!

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Every week, I treat you to this round up of everything that Apple has been up to during the week. And this week has been absolutely massive in that regard. I just hope I haven’t missed anything out. We have more Tablet rumors, cool new iPhone Apps and more Apple products to talk about. So get over to the other side and jump right in.

Apple Tablet


We have a lot of new Tablet rumors to reckon with this week. It really does seem like Apple is getting ready to launch this thing soon. If you want to know what Apple wants to do with this Tablet, read this post on

SIM Card Tray Shows Up For Future Tablet


There’s this image of a SIM card tray doing its rounds on the Internet. It looks quite different from the one that is used in the current iPhone. This new one is bigger, has metal frame and what seems like a different release mechanism. [read]

Bill Keller’s Apple Slate Slip

New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller slipped the words ‘Apple Slate’ during an internal meeting and even qualified the thing as impending. The video was not meant for public viewing but this is too big a piece of leak, yes? Check out the speech around the 8:30 mark.

Australian Media Companies Contacted by Apple


An Australian newspaper has reported that Apple has been contacting various media companies in the country about a new device. This new device is described as something that is too big to fit inside a pocket but small enough to fit inside a handbag. Apple wants to know whether the companies would like to sell their content on this device. [read]

Apple’s Flight Plan

The folks at Apple have been busy flying eastward. So much so that it is showing up as an abnormality. The destination in question is China and you do know that that is where all Apple products are manufactured. [read]

Cortex A9 Licensed to Apple?


ARM has declared that the Cortex A9 has been licensed to a company. It is a chip design that is five times as fast as the Atom while being 60% smaller and about the same size. This was revealed in the company’s Q3 2009 report but they are prohibited by their contact from saying anything about the company. The suspicion is that it was Apple. But even if it was, it is too late for inclusion into the current Tablet. So may be the next generation. [read]

Apple Tablet Priced

A Retrevo study says that the correct median price point for the Apple Tablet would be $600. Funny, I thought the product wasn’t official yet! [read]

Apple Tablet more media player than eBook reader

Another analyst says that the new Apple will be more media player than eBook reader. Well, since we all know Apple is making something that will have rich media capabilities, that one isn’t too hard to predict. [read]


General Apple News

Two New MacBook Pros Coming Soon [?]


New Snow Leopard build (10.6.2) contains descriptions for two new MacBook Pro models that aren’t available yet. The suspect models are highlighted in the screen shot above. The current models go up to 5_5. [read]

Apple Patent reveals New iPod Shuffle/iPhone Bluetooth Headset With Media Player


New Patent filed by Apple reveals that Apple is working on a wireless headset that can store and play music, voice messages, etc. Also has a microphone. Might be a new iPod Shuffle with iPhone support or an iPhone Bluetooth headset with iPod features. [read]

Apple TV 3.0 and iTunes 9.0.2 released

Apple has released the Apple TV 3.0 update. It brings a simplified menu to the device, Internet radio support, iTunes LP/Extra and iTunes HD content. The iTunes 9.0.2 update is meant to make it work with the new Apple TV update but it also breaks the Palm Pre sync. [read]

New Apple iMacs Experience Choppy Flash Videos

iMac q4 2009

The new 27” iMacs are experiencing issues with playing flash video. Multiple support threads on the issue at the Apple forum suggest that the problems are not insolated incidents. [read]

Apple Executives Answer Burning Questions (Kind Of)

If you have always wanted to know what the higher-ups at Apple think about the hot topics at the moment, this is right up your alley. An RBC Capital analyst interviews various Apple Executives on the eBook market and other things. [read]

Magic Mouse On Amazon’s Top 8 Even Before It Ships

Even before it started shipping, the new Magic mouse multitouch wonder from Apple made to the top 8 products on Amazon. [read]

Apple Stores To Change For Holidays

Apple stores are changing and tweaking a lot of small but important things related to the selling process. Some are also going through staffing changes. [read]


iPhone News


The iPhone has had a big week to, thanks to the China launch and showing exponential growth.

iPhone Launched In China


Apple has finally overcome all problems and launched the iPhone in China, the world’s largest market. Sadly, a pre-production complication (government ban) caused them to be produced without WiFi. Also, they are priced higher than the outside. [read]

iPhone Reaches 2.5% Global Mobile Handset Market Share

The iPhone went truly international in 2007. And in these 2 years it has already gathered quite a global following, reflected by the rise in its global mobile handset market share. It is now up to 2.5%. [read]

iPhone Closing in on Blackberry’s Market Share


After Palm fell behind (much), it is Blackberry’s turn to succumb to the iPhone. Apple is fast approaching Blackberry’s market share and will cross it very soon in all likelihood. [read]

iPhone Coming to Verizon in 2010

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, analyst says the iPhone is coming to Verizon in 2010. [read]


iPhone Apps

These are the iPhone Apps that made waves this week.

Original Doom arrives on iPhone


The original Doom is now available as an iPhone game. It as quite popular in its days and I remember having a great time playing it. Worth a buy at only $7. [read]

Marvel Comics Titles Available on iPhone


Marvel Comics makes 71 titles available via iPhone comic reader apps (Comixology, iVerse, PanelFly). Captain America, The Astonishing X-Men, X-23 and others are included in the available titles. Each title priced at $2 or $1 depending on the app.

Jibbigo Translates Your Speech In Real Time

This app translates English to Spanish as you speak and then reads it out aloud over the iPhone speaker. Then does the same thing in reverse – translates spoken Spanish to English and reads it back. Works without the Internet, costs $25.

Official Settlers of Catan iPhone App arrives

settlers of catan

The award-winning board game has arrived on the iPhone, complete with AI to play against in the lack of human players. Sells for $7.

Timelapser Makes it Easy To Make Time Lapse Videos

If you want to capture a seed germinating into a sapling and then compress the week long process into a 30 second video, you can now do that with Timelapser. For $1, you really should give it a try

Firepower Helps You Vent

Firepower captures the image of whatever you point it at and superimposes a gun on top of it. So now you can safely shoot anyone who annoys you without doing jail time. Will cost you $1.

For more details on these apps, except Doom, you can go here.

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