nVue Mobile Phone Concept

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Currently, mobile phones tend to get slimmer and smaller all the time, a trend that not everyone is comfortable with as it usually means a smaller display and controls.

The nVue Mobile Phone concept goes a different way. Its design is ingenious, as it looks like just another modern cell phone at first glance. The interesting aspect is that it consists of two AMOLED displays. Each screen can run independently of each other, or in unison by combing the to a single widescreen display with full qwerty keyboard.

nVue is a foldable mobile phone with 2 AMOLED displays. Each of the screens can run independently or work together as a single widescreen display. This mobile phone concept goal is to provide an efficient way for multitasking. It offers a new design possibility related to mobile phone’s size and functionality. Not only as your mobile phone, nVue can also act as your tablet PC, multimedia player, e-reader, and much more in one cool portable gadget.


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