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Okay, so sometime back, a suspicious looking iPhone was found on the floor of a bar (Gourmet Haus Staudt) in Redwood City, Calif. It wasn’t any of the iPhones that are in the market right now and it was actually inside a case to make it look like an iPhone 3GS. So what was it? Well, it was most definitely an engineering sample of the next iPhone that is supposed to be called iPhone HD. We are still calling it the iPhone 4G though.

So this man found it and apparently after trying and failing to return it to Apple, sold it off to Gawker Media’s Gizmodo for a reported $5,000. And there in you have the scoop of the year for Gizmodo. But the first post was made by Engadget. This new phone is definitely very close to what the production units will look like, because the release is going to be in a few months from now.

The main thing that strikes as different is the physical appearance of it. It is completely flat and flush, much like the HTC HD2. That makes it appear to be much sleeker than the iPhone 3GS. The sides of it are metal and not plastic. The volume buttons are two distinct and raised dots on the side. The Sim slot’s position has changed.

And here’s your prayers answered — bigger lens (and hence better camera hopefully) with a flash. Yes, it has a flash. And there is a second camera for making video calls. So Apple has answered more or less everything that people wanted. The phone could not be run because it was wiped by Apple. But the original finder of it confirmed that it belonged to an Apple engineer because the Facebook app was installed on the device and profile linked to it belonged to an Apple software engineer. I just hope the engineer lived to see another day because I cannot imagine a leak bigger than this.

But then the story gets even more interesting. Apple called up Gizmodo and asked them to hand over the iPhone because it is Apple’s property. The Wall Sreet Journal reported that Jobs called up Gawker Media and demanded that the iPhone was handed over. An insider at Gawker media apparently told the Journal this. Nick Denton, the chief at the company, declined to comment saying that if any such conversation happened it would have been off the record.

Anyway, Gizmodo has received a letter from Apple wanting the iPhone back and like good tech journos, they have posted the letter in its entirety on the blog. They are going to return it but of course not before disassembling it completely. They believe it is real, thanks to the components inside and the extremely high resolution screen. Now that Apple wants it back, there’s no more proof required.

So over all, we have all kinds of things to talk about right now but it looks like the dual camera, flash and HD screen toting iPhone is coming at us at a steady speed. There’s nothing more to see here, so the rumor mill can give it a rest on this one. The hardware is all exposed and the software has already been briefed on. All that remains now is the reality distortion field to be engaged during another fantastic pitch by Jobs himself.

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    beautiful advice and sharing,I will buy one well apple for me .thanks,Joe