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Best Buy Will Sell iPads From Day 1

March 28 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , , one Commented

No, you cannot have anything else covered whilst the iPad remains out of the public’s reach. The news pipes are jammed with iPad stories and you know you want to know. So here’s more iPad news for your thirsty soul. We already knew that Best Buy made into the elite list of non-Apple retailers who would be carrying the iPad. But they were supposed to start selling the iPad on a later date. But now it seems like their schedule is at tandem with Apple and they will make the long elusive iPad available from April 3rd onwards. Looks like Saturday cannot early enough.

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iPad: First Batch Sold Out!

March 28 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , No Commented

If you want to order an iPad now, you will not be getting it delivered on the 3rd of April. The shipping date for the latest orders is April 12th. Also, the in-store pick up option is no longer available for new pre-orders. So you will just have to want very patiently till your order reaches you. Judging from the the speed at which they sold out, I am pretty sure that Apple is going to face a shortage in supply in the face of increasing demand. There’s nothing to t say exactly how many iPads Apple has sold so far. But some estimates put it at 500,000. That number is supposed to be the combination of the in-store and online pre-orders. Which means the bulk orders, which are bound to be there, add up to even more iPads.

This new development is of course still for the WiFi-only model. Those who want the 3G model will still have to wait till the end of April to get it. Something tells me, April 3rd will be a event to see.


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The HTC EVO/Supersonic 4G Brings Another Major Twist To The Game

March 26 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones Tags; , , , , , , 7 Commented

We were told by the rumor mill, it was predicted by some analysts and now it is here. Sprint launched their latest acquisition — the HTC Evo 4G WiMAX enabled phone. This is the phone that will allow you to make it to the higher echelons of mobile data bandwidth and enjoy speeds like no one else does right now on a mobile phone.

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AMD Six-Core Phenom II CPU Line Pricing And Other Details Leaked

March 26 2010 Categorized Under: Misc Tags; , , , , , , , No Commented

You have to give it to the sprited souls at DigiTimes, they aren’t always on the money but they are getting better at causing leaks and rumors that are more along the believable line. This time I am quite happy to report that they have dug up the details of AMD’s forthcoming Six-Core CPU’s that are to be branded as Phenom II.

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Flurry’s Stats Show The Increase In Gaming On The iPhone Platform

March 23 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones, Gaming, Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , , 5 Commented

The iPhone has been getting a lot of gaming action lately. This has been quite self evident if you are an avid gamer on the iPhone, with all the great games that are already available. It is especially true for those who own the latest generation iPod Touch because it’s hardware is specially enhanced for better game play, if you remember your Apple keynote correctly. And now Flurry (analytics) has release some stats which show exactly how much gaming action the iPhone has really been getting. Hint: Quite a lot.

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Sprint Launches 4G Ad Campaign With iPhone In Hand

March 23 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones, Networking, Wireless Tags; , , , , , , , , , No Commented

And here we go again with other carriers in the US trying to get some of the hot iPhone action. Sprint has recently launched a TV ad campaign that features the iPhone along with a pitch for their new 4G service.

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Latest XBOX 360 Leak Suggests USB Mass Storage

March 22 2010 Categorized Under: Gaming Tags; , , , , No Commented

Well, the rumor mill never rests and hence we have a new leak about the upcoming XBox 360. This time, it’s a screenshot that shows a USB storage device and along with come information that the you can now use external devices to store your games, save files, DLC and the rest. However, before your excitement runs away with your imagination, let me tell you that there’s a major catch here.

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Porting X10 Android To (HTC) Magic

March 22 2010 Categorized Under: Cell Phones Tags; , , , , , , one Commented

There’s this really interesting porting attempt going on at that XDA Dev forum. A dev there is trying to port the X10 to the HTC Magic. Since the two Android implementations are almost as different as can be, it is surely proving to be hard work for the dev. He himself confesses that nothing works but this 1.6 Donut port that he is doing is extremely fast and he even posted a video.

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Viliv Models Coming To Best Buy, Viliv It Or Not

March 22 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , one Commented

Okay, so that word play was probably uncalled for but sometimes I just can’t help it. If you are regular reader on this site, you will surely know about Viliv. For the rest of you, Viliv is this Korean company that often turns up on our radar for being present at various trade shows and tech events with their touch devices. They have a nice line up of touchscreen devices that includes both tablets and convertible tablet notebooks that have a full keyboard to work with.

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iPad, Meet the WePad

March 22 2010 Categorized Under: Tablets Tags; , , , , , , , , , , one Commented

Yes, there’s actually a product on its way to the market that is called the WePad. Looks like they have misunderstood the whole ‘competing’ thing — you are supposed to compete to be better at the good things. No one wants you to come up with a name as bad or worse than the iPad. Let’s not compete there, shall we? On that note though, the iPad jokes are fading (because they are getting old really fast) and people are finally using the word without flinching twice at the thought of it and saying it out loud.

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